Pointer in Golang

Go supports pointers, allowing you to pass references to values and records within your program. So, what is a pointer and how to use? Pointer is a variable which store address of other variable

I have a variable i with value is 1

p is a pointer with value is address of i. So, p is not 1, that is only address in your computer on memory

i := 1
p := &i

fmt.Println("value of i", i)
fmt.Println("address of i on memory", p)
fmt.Println("value of i from p", *p)

Here, I have 2 functions

1st use param as int

2nd use param as pointer int

In main function, I call 2 function and print result. 1st function not change value of i because function only process on copy of i. But, 2nd function change value of i because I ask by address of i and want to change value in that address

func setToZero1(data int) {
    i = 0

function setToZero2(data *int){
    *data = 0

func main() {
    i := 1

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