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{1} Programming is, quite literally, all around us. From the take-out we order, to the movies we stream, code is ever present in our lives. Whether you are about to start your journey as a web developer, can’t decide which language to learn first, or just want to increase your digital literacy, learning programming fundamentals will be beneficial to your career.

{2} Programming is one of the most valuable skills you can pick up in these modern times, whether for career prospects or to stretch your brain and create something awesome.

What can you do with {PROGRAMMING}?

Who am I at here?

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In years of experience, I contributed to numerous projects that helped clients achieve their goals. With some experience in working. I’m here and share all of them for you.

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My skills and specialities include Golang, Nodejs, ReactJs, Java, Python, Dev Op, E-commerce, Blogging, and Management Software Production Team.

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About Me

I works on the infrastructure layer of Incognito chain, integrating both on-chain and off-chain components such as the consensus protocol, privacy-preserving zero-knowledge proofs, and monetary policy algorithms.  Prior to Incognito, I built highly scalable systems for emerging markets, including Viettel Group, Vietnam’s largest mobile network operator, where he scaled their products for 63M subscribers, and Central Group, Thailand’s number 1 retail and service group business.

I leverages my deep knowledge of peer-to-peer applications, cryptography, game theory, and network applications to build highly scalable systems that quantify performance, availability, and extensibility in each line of code. I continues to acquire new cryptography techniques, knowledge of computer networks, and regularly researches existing networks to improve, find, and integrate new protocols and solutions.

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